Venue Surveillance

Secure your entertainment space with Arrow Technology Solutions.

Is your security ready?

 Our tailored security surveillance services, designed for the unique dynamics of entertainment venues, ensure the safety of both visitors and staff. From crowd monitoring to access control, we deploy cutting-edge systems for peace of mind. Choose Arrow Tech for a secure and enjoyable environment.

our Key Features

ease of installation

Allow our specialists to comprehend the distinct requirements of your venue and implement tailored systems


Our surveillance system are able to easily expandable to accommodate the evolving needs of the area being monitored

remote access

Be able to view the live feed or previous recordings from any device at any time

crowd control

Monitor shared spaces to guarantee the safety of both patrons and staff by keeping track of the crowd

model trained

Our AI algorithms can analyze historical data to identify trends and predict potential security incidents


Reliable surveillance systems, with backup mechanisms in place to prevent data loss in case of technical issues

Tailored Solutions

Equipment engineered explicitly for heavy foot traffic

Access Control

Restrict entry to private areas exclusively for authorized personnel

Ai enhanced

Modern tools to assist you with modern security

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